What happened to Psycho Stylez @ Britains Got Talent (2009)?

3 years ago Psycho Stylez Crew  entered Britains Got Talent (The year of Suzan Boyle & Diversity)

The first audition was held at the SECC in Glasgow, we had to wait in a massive hall full of other “talented” acts. We were given a number something like 45,907!. We had to do a lot of classic TV stuff like “Welcome to Glasgow!!!” or start crazy waving at the camera as it pans above us-all fun stuff :s

While we were waiting we started warming up, this attracted some attention from the other acts and the crew of Britains Got Talent. They started to film us and even asked us to be in the middle of a massive crowd standing on chairs while they got another crowd shot…quess they saw potential ;) .

After what felt like 10 hours we were sent to a room were there was 1 producer and a cameraman. She asked a bit about the crews history, we then performed , which we could tell she enjoyed, and that was it!

A few weeks later we get a call saying we are through and they want us to do the same show this time in front of the judges and audience.

We arrived in Glasgow but this time it was at the Clyde Auditorium (the armadillo), again there was loads of waiting about but this time we were interviewed. They asked “What we all did?”, “What we wanted to do with our talent?”“What it would mean to win etc”. After even more waiting we even got talking to Suzan Boyle who we thought was gonna be one of the other thousand weirdos at the place, she was pretty crazy, not much changed!

We went down to the stage met where we met Ant & Dec and prepared for our set. We then got called on, all of us were really excited and nervous. We talked a little to the judges classic BGT stuff then performed with the audience going crazy!!!!! After the performance we spoke to the judges. Piers said we were one of the best breakdance crews he’s ever seen. Amanda mentioned how she liked our image, young atrractive men were her words :D . Simon was the only one who criticized us (typical) he said we needed to be more in sync and we should all being doing something at the same time all the time… conclusion 3 Yeses!

After the audition and loads of interviews, we left but on our way out the building we were stopped by soo many people who wanted to take pictures with us and even autographs! Was pretty crazy but we were reallyappreciative and loved the support.

Anyway most of you will be wondering “what happened to us?” or  “I cant remember seeing you?”. Well….they paid for us to go down to London First Class! on British Airways, we stayed at a Holiday Inn next to Heathrow. We stayed there for 2 nights everything paid for which was nice of them. On the last day we got a bus to centre London with lots of other acts waited again! for 10 hours! (We were waiting for the classic BGT/Xfactor moment were they say “your through!” or “sorry no”) We finally got put in a group with what we thought were clown performers which sent our hopes down. We waited in front of the judges and the brightest light ever, finally after the longest akward silence ever Simon says (lol)  sorry….(in our minds we thought he was gonna say “your through”) but no thats all he said :( .

We were pretty shocked but at the end of the day we felt we could have done better and it was  nice all expenses paid trip to London!

Here is a video filmed by someone in the crowd on the day of our audition. 

Here is a our real “15 minutes of fame” video of Suzan Boyle viewed over 90 million times! Look at Bboy Bull and Bboy Harribo in the background. Can you see them :D?


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