If you have ever wanted to learn how to Breakdance then look no further. is the answer if you want to quickly go fro beginner to a super talanted B-boy or B-girl. Started by our very own B-boy Harribo for “complete beginners to go from newbie to pro in just 30 days”! Harry has been … Continue reading

Psycho Stylez… Going To Hollywood

Yes, its true!!!! Psycho stylez crew recently entered a competition sponsored by JD sports and Converse and won! The competition was based on your street skill and how many votes you could achieve. Since Psycho Stylez has some amazing friends and fans, we were able to dominate the competition by at least 400!. The video … Continue reading

3 New Members!

Psycho Stylez Juniors

Thats right! Psycho Stylez Crew have invited 3 new local Bboys to join the best crew in Scotland! Names are; Ross J Paterson Matthew Brown Lewis Chalmers Watch out for these guys as they are going to be big! More Info Coming soon….

Top 5 Reason’s On Why You Should Hire Psycho Stylez

Here is a list of reason on why you should hire Psycho Stylez Crew “They will bring the house down!” Psycho Stylez are known for getting the audience wild after watching their performance’s “Its not just about us” at some points either during or after their performance Psycho Stylez will ask or bring two members or … Continue reading

Psycho Stylez on Heaven Tour

Just last summer Bboy Bull and Bboy El Diaz were hired by Heaven Holidays to Breakdance around their venues for 2 months. The tour went all over the UK where the guys performed to thousands of happy holiday goers. The two of them were extremely well received and contracted a lot more work from local and international … Continue reading

Psycho Euro-Trip!

A couple years ago 4 members of the original PSC and 1 crew member from Heavy Smokers Crew decided to go on a tour around Europe and enter all  the biggest Breakdance competitions that were happening that summer. The crew went to countries such as, Germany, France , Spain, Holland, Belgium and Poland. The guys would usually spend their … Continue reading

Short film made on Psycho Stylez

About a year ago a film/events company Pure Media contacted us with interest in making a film about Psycho Stylez crew. We had worked and performed for Pure Media a number of times were they hired us to promote some of their events. The film was to be based around the lives of young people “going for … Continue reading

What happened to Psycho Stylez @ Britains Got Talent (2009)?

3 years ago Psycho Stylez Crew  entered Britains Got Talent (The year of Suzan Boyle & Diversity) The first audition was held at the SECC in Glasgow, we had to wait in a massive hall full of other “talented” acts. We were given a number something like 45,907!. We had to do a lot of classic TV stuff like “Welcome … Continue reading

Breakin Convention 2012

A mix of Psycho Stylez , Heavy Smkrs and Random Aspects performed a spectacular show at the festival theatre last week for Breakin Convention 2012.   The show went down a treat and was highly reviewed as “One of the best pieces of the night” , if you were there what did you think? Video of the show … Continue reading

Northern Hordes, St Helens “I Disagree!!!”

Bboy Bull, El Diaz & Floorescent went down to St Helens this weekend to compete in a 3 on 3 National battle. The guys went in strong and managed to get to the semi finals…beaten by Trinity warriors a great crew. However the guys felt that they were more dominant and were disappointed in loosing the … Continue reading